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2 Bottles of water

Smart TV

Private Hot Shower



Coffee Facility

Working Desk

Toothbrush & paste

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About Us

Njiro legacy is a safe haven for both travelers and guests looking for comfort, quality, and elegance at an affordable price.We have a total of 24 rooms all with amenities to host guests in luxury and comfort. We offer an unforgettable experience right here in Tanzania. Take a break and revel in the beauty of this stunning property, peaceful ambiance, picturesque sunset. Experience the best of Tanzania and let us host your stay. We can accommodate guests all over the World offering an unforgettable experience in our conducive environment and making them enjoy the modern minimalist style with all of the amenities you need for your stay.Choose our spacious rooms and suites, featuring amazing views that will make your stay a memorable one.

Njiro Legacy different types of rooms tailored to meet various guest preferences and needs for their safari experiences:
  1. Executive Rooms: These are spacious and well-equipped rooms designed for guests seeking a higher level of comfort and luxury. They are larger in size compared to the standard rooms and come with a comprehensive set of amenities. These amenities may include more luxurious furnishings, larger beds, a work desk, a seating area, and additional perks aimed at offering a more indulgent stay. These rooms are ideal for guests who prefer a more luxurious experience and additional space during their stay both before and after a safari.

  2. Standard Rooms: The standard rooms at Njiro Legacy are midrange accommodations that provide a comfortable stay with essential amenities. While slightly smaller in size compared to the executive rooms, they are still well-appointed and offer all the necessary comforts for guests. These rooms typically include amenities such as comfortable bedding, a private bathroom, basic furniture, and other standard facilities to ensure a pleasant stay before and after a safari. They're a great option for guests looking for a balance between comfort and affordability.

  3. Twin Rooms: The twin rooms are designed to accommodate guests who prefer separate beds during their stay. These rooms come with two individual beds and offer the same amenities found in the standard rooms. They are suitable for friends, colleagues, or travelers who prefer their own sleeping space but still want to enjoy the amenities provided before and after their safari. These rooms are convenient for those who might not want to share a bed during their stay.

Overall, all room types at Njiro Legacy are equipped with amenities necessary for a comfortable stay before and after a safari. The differences lie mainly in room size, additional luxuries, and bed arrangements, catering to various guest preferences and budgets.


At Njiro Legacy, we provide the best camping experience for nature lovers. Our campsite is fully equipped with everything you need to make your stay comfortable. Surrounded by the untouched nature of Tanzania, we offer visitors a peaceful retreat to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Our campsite is designed to provide a thrilling and authentic camping experience, with activities ranging from hiking to birdwatching and more!

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